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Short Information

If anyone is going to watch any drama or read book then pls go and watch from where i have watch coz sometimes youtube shows something else only and duration also changes i will be sharing in every blog from next time. Sorry for not telling for earlier series. For my girlfriend is an alienContinue reading “Short Information”


My Girlfriend Is An Alien is an chinese drama. This is the first drama i watched. LOVE IS AS PURE AS A CHILD’S HEART IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW YOU LOOK IT ONLY SEES YOUR HEART It’s and fantasy sitcom series starting with WANG PENG as an alien girl from “CAPE TOWN PLANET” and THASSAPAK HSUContinue reading “MY GIRLFRIEND IS AM ALIEN”


Hello! everyone out there. this is my first blog, so… I thought that why not i first give a small into about my page. So, here i will be telling my pint of view or u can say kinda reviewing about korean drama, chinese drama, books which i read and off course food with recipeContinue reading “INTRODUCTION”

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